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Animal Naturals Wholesale Distribution Center

The Ultimate Nutritional Pedigree…For 35 Years!  Animal Naturals has been producing the highest quality canine supplements for over two decades! A respected and highly acknowledged pioneer in human and animal sports nutrition is Animal Naturals founder Bob Fritz.  Bob developed his first human sports supplement in 1981 and his first commercial canine performance supplement in 1991. From 1981 to present, Bob has created legendary human products such as Carboplex, Metabolol, Cytomax, Caveman Diet and Muscle Milk!

Partnering Nature with Science!  We are passionate about harnessing nature’s power to improve animal health. Animal Naturals  products were developed for all phases of the life cycle, they are nutrition based on nature, free of additives or artificial ingredients that address, for example, skin and coat, joint support, nutrition, digestion, longevity, performance and have been used by the most discerning dog enthusiasts for years.

Cutting Edge Manufacturing!  Animal Naturals is manufactured right here in the USA using only the highest quality ingredients from premier human-grade suppliers that meet all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).  Our manufacturing facility in Benicia California is USDA, FDA, cGMP, Organic and Kosher certified. Animal Naturals currently adheres to NASC’s (National Animal Supplement Council) strict quality standards, and is currently preparing for NASC’s required independent audit for certification. Meeting the highest quality standards has always been, and will always remain, the hallmark of Animal Naturals.

• Distribution to 21 countries and hundreds of wholesale companies throughout the U.S.
• Highest quality, whole foods and extracts from premier human-grade suppliers.
• Deep integration with cutting edge science ensures continual natural innovation.
• Sustainable, renewable ingredients.
• No flax, soy, wheat, gluten, by products, artificial coloring, artificial flavor.
• Just 10% RDI vitamin and mineral content, virtually eliminating chance of overdose
• Born in the U.S.A.  Certified USDA, FDA, cGMP, Organic and Kosher facility.
• Direct phone support – Reliable, easy to understand support to answer customer questions.